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We blend our expertise in providing tailored, compassionate care with world-class hospitality to create an unrivalled culture of uncompromising excellence in everything we do. We are passionately devoted to enhancing the lives of our Members and their families as they progress through later life.

Every Loveday journey begins by becoming a Member

We are London’s only senior-living Members Club, with ready access to whatever expert advice and dedicated care support is required by our individual Members at any time. Loveday Membership is the key that unlocks an exceptional range of health and lifestyle services, all of which we tailor to support each Member as they age.

Upon joining, every new Loveday Member receives a comprehensive medical-led and lifestyle assessment so we can truly understand them, their distinctive lifestyles and their personal preferences as much as their practical and care needs. 

We regularly and constantly update the resulting recommendations to ensure we support each Member as their needs change.

Message from Our Founder

Thank you for being so interested in Loveday. I want to extend my warmest welcome to you on behalf of our Loveday family.

I have always worked in hospitality, starting as a chef and eventually becoming the owner of luxury hotels with iconic brands such as The Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton.

My many decades of hospitality experience, coupled with my passion for improving the lives of those in their later years, make Loveday an extraordinary calling. All of us are dedicated to making lives better for our Members and their families who have borne the responsibility of being a carer.

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People received excellent care and support to help keep them in the best possible health. People and their relatives told us they had seen significant improvements in their health since moving in. CQC

Life at Loveday

Wind in your hair

Hong Kong Heights

A little story

Joan can’t see very well any more, but for her, the thrill of a fast car has always been more about how it feels. After learning to drive in the war, her pride and joy was a 1968 Porsche 911 Targa, which she drove daily. Now well into her 90s, we think part of her zest for life comes from her love of beautifully built cars, and our care to ensure that she is still taken out for the occasional drive in a brand new Porsche 911 Targa.

Loveday. Care beyond compare.

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Lisa Nichols

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Loveday is passionate about making a difference to both the people we care for and the people we work with.