Becoming a Loveday Member

Every Loveday journey begins by becoming a Member. Loveday Membership provides Members with access to so much more than our exceptional care. Following the initial lifestyle and medical assessments, we craft a tailored programme of therapies, stimulating activities, lifestyle concierge services and the delivery of exceptional, compassionate care. Each and every programme is designed to maintain the richness of our Members’ lives and is perfectly attuned to their personal interests, hobbies and preferences. Nothing is ever too much trouble.

Our meticulous approach continues through every Member’s journey at Loveday. We take time to ensure that the support we give each family is consistently excellent, and perfectly matched to every individual’s evolving needs through the ageing process.

As a Loveday Member, you have priority access to: 

People received excellent care and support to help keep them in the best possible health. People and their relatives told us they had seen significant improvements in their health since moving in. CQC

Lisa Nichols & Victoria Radmore

Membership and Community Team

Both Lisa and Victoria handle all Member relations surrounding Loveday Residences, The Day Club, Respite and Loveday at Home, liaising with families and friends to keep them updated on progress and developments within Loveday.

Lisa and Victoria have first-hand understanding of the complexities involved in choosing care services for a loved one. They deal with each enquiry with compassion and empathy and their deep knowledge of the care industry means that they are adept at giving the very best advice.

Lisa and Victoria have a wealth of connections in networks comprising medical, care, pharmaceutical, charity organisations, government agencies, cultural groups and hospitality – their little black books provide access to much advice and reassurance.

Loveday Member Services

Loveday Members benefit from our full array of services, which range from reassuring advice to planning property adaptations, all designed to support our Members in whatever way they require.


Find out how we can help, sit down with one of our Membership Team to see how Loveday can best support you, your family and your care needs.

They can answer any questions, show you round, arrange taster days and tours, and explain how Loveday can help you throughout your journey.

Joining Loveday

Loveday is a club with a joining fee of £2,000.

Becoming a Member opens up all that Loveday can offer; advise on aging, short term respite stays, attendance at the Day Club, home care and residential care. Whatever you need at the time that’s right for you.  Plus access to our medical and lifestyle concierge.

Joining Loveday gives you peace of mind that no matter how your health changes you have a trusted partner that can help.

Lifestyle and Clinical Assessment

We take a completely holistic view of each Member, we aim to provide support and service that enables our Members to continue to enjoy life just as they always have.  It’s as important to us as it is to you that you continue doing everything you do, from attending the ballet or rugby, to meeting up with the same friend every Tuesday in the same café.

The assessments can be done in one go or over a series of meetings, usually in the Members home.  Our aim is to build a detailed picture of each Member’s health and lifestyle needs.

Choosing your care

Once the assessment is done our expert clinical team sit down with you to discuss your care options, from attending the Day Club, a few hours extra help at home, right up to staying at Loveday for a few days or moving in.

They then craft a bespoke plan for you that covers all your care needs and a personalised plan including medical therapies and stimulating activities.

The choice is yours whether you move straight in or start with the Day Club, or come and stay for a short trial to see if it suits you.

Attending the Day Club

If you decide that the Day Club is for you, once a Member you can pop in to any one of our properties for a day of activities, socialising, quiet relaxing in the library, and of course a wonderful lunch.  We welcome friends and family to join you.

Respite Stay

As a Member you have immediate access to respite care whenever you need it.  Giving peace of mind that no matter what happens you have a place to call a home from home.

As a Member you sign a short term contract and can move straight in. Fees start from £750 a night.

Residential Care

When you are ready, you can move in.  We make a fuss of you to make sure you settle as quickly as possible. We make sure that we recreate all your own little ways here at Loveday.

One bill to cover your care, activities and of course your food and drink is included. And if you want to host friends, we operate like a private members club with charges to your account.  Additional services will be charged to your account.

Annual Membership Renewal

We constantly update your care plan as we learn more about you or as your care needs change. 

However, on the renewal of your Membership we will make sure that your assessments are up to date and we are providing exactly the care you need.

For non-residents the renewal of Membership is £1,000 a year.  There is no charge for residential Members.

We help families prepare for what to expect after a recent diagnosis. This could be specialist or diagnostic tests or home adaptations to help a Member’s mobility, safety and lifestyle. Advice is available whenever you need it.

Every Member has a holistic appraisal, because we believe that understanding their needs, interests and preferences is crucial when curating a Member’s care programme.

Loveday has established reputations with the best specialists to offer:

  • Hydrotherapy at The Royal Hospital, Chelsea and Wellington Hospital, St John’s Wood
  • Physiotherapy
  • Cognitive therapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Psychodynamic dance movement therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Geriatric psychiatrists
  • Specialist consultant, old age psychiatrist
  • Medication reviews
  • Nutritionists

Our Extraordinary Days programme comprises a highly innovative, evidence-based activities schedule, brought to life in collaboration with a progressive, multidisciplinary research team from the University of West London's Geller Institute of Ageing and Memory. Members can access activities online with their carers; via packs sent to their homes; or even as one-to-one sessions at home with our Personal Trainer or Resident Artist. Members are also warmly welcome to attend the Loveday Club at any one of our elegant properties in order to join group activities or indulge in our beautiful facilities for individual sessions. Any combination is possible and is tailored to our Members’ needs.

Nothing is ever too much trouble. As a Member, your wish is our command and you have our Head of Guest Services at your disposal. For example, if you require concierge services, companionship or Care Quality Commission (CQC)-registered transportation to allow your social calendar to blossom, this is what we are here for. If you hanker after your favourite coffee shop or yearn to stock up on tempting treats from the patisserie round the corner, we can arrange everything. We are only too delighted to help you, and to satisfy our Members’ needs. 

Loveday offers significant expertise in senior- and dementia-led design. As such, we are adept at making the most effective yet subtle adjustments to our Members’ homes, which allows them to live securely at home. Our aim is, in the most unobtrusive way and for as long as possible, to make homes safe and sound while maintaining both dignity and mobility. Not only can we advise on and design home adaptations for you, but we can also bring the expert support of our trusted Loveday Handyman and dedicated IT resource team wherever necessary.

The Mermaid

Hong Kong Heights

A little story

Barbara always relished her early morning dips at the Serpentine Swimming Club. Such was her love of the water that she earned the nickname, ‘The Mermaid’. But as she became frailer and showing signs of dementia, her family thought her swimming days were over, especially as most swimming pools can be disorientating for people living with dementia. But since Barbara has become a Member at Loveday, we found a dementia-friendly pool nearby, that we hire especially so that Barbara can take the plunge with one of our staff whenever she wants.

Loveday. Care beyond compare.

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Lisa Nichols

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