Welcome from Laurence Geller CBE

Thank you for your interest in Loveday and for the great honour of considering us for the provision of care to your loved one. I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you on behalf of our Loveday family. 

You may already know me as a lifetime hotelier who worked through the ranks, commencing as a chef and culminating in building and operating globally recognised hotel companies. I am lucky enough to have owned some of the world’s most respected luxury hotels, including distinguished brands such as The Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton. 

My many decades of hospitality experience, combined with my passion for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, makes Loveday a very personal mission and vocation. At Loveday, all of us are dedicated to making lives better - not just for our much-respected Members but also, importantly, for their loved ones.

We aim to go constantly “Above & Beyond” in everything we do and to consistently exceed expectations. This is not only our philosophy but also our culture. We are simply not satisfied unless, every day and in every way, we deliver highly-tailored care and experiences which are commensurate with the history and lifestyle of our Members and achieve the very best health outcomes.

We completely understand and respect the enormity and complexity of the decisions you are currently faced with. Considering care for a family member is not an easy decision and brings with it a significant emotional impact. I know and understand this only too well, having been through this difficult and heart-wrenching process with my parents, both of whom lived with Dementia. In fact, it was my own experience of the absence at that time of the proper level of personalised care, attention and service that I felt my parents deserved which spurred me into launching Loveday. 

Very sadly, both of my parents died with dementia, six years apart, and I live with the vivid and soul-destroying impact of this awful and always fatal disease. I, therefore, decided I wanted to be part of the fight against this global pandemic. My efforts led me to being appointed Chairman of the Alzheimer’s Society’s National Dementia Appeal and, to this day, I remain a dedicated dementia care philanthropist in the UK.

By my side in this journey is my son Guy, whose 25-year career in the care sector in both the UK and the USA has included rejuvenating and turning around Sunrise UK as its Managing Director. We work alongside James, our co-founder and Managing Director, who joined us in 2015 when we decided to pioneer highly tailored dementia care in the UK, leading to the 2016 launch of our very first home, Loveday Chelsea Court Place on the King's Road. 

Thanks to Loveday Chelsea Court Place’s overwhelming success and our desire to fulfil the extraordinary demand we experienced, we decided to expand our care services and open more homes. In so doing, we are able to offer more people access to exceptional senior and dementia care and to increase the number of Members we can serve, devoted to improving their lives in every way possible.

Thank you for your interest and please rest assured that every person in our Loveday family would consider it both an honour and a privilege to provide care to your loved one. 

With kind regards

Laurence Geller CBE