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Keeping mentally and physically active can help provide richer and more fulfilling lives. Extraordinary Days is our programme of innovative and evidence-based activities, created in collaboration with the research team from the University of West London’s Geller Institute of Ageing and Memory. The activities constantly change and are curated around a Member’s unique lifestyle.

The programme uses neuroscience and psychological evidence to create stimulating activities based around  art, music, language and storytelling to help improve interactions, mood and mobility for people living with dementia. Overall, there are five areas to help every Member live each day well.

Extraordinary Days are personalised

Extraordinary Days is the key to life at a Loveday residence – no matter what our Members’ health needs are. At Loveday, we are determined that they have the opportunity to live life to the full with dignity and respect. Our Members have given so much to the nation and society; now it’s time to take care of them and ensure they enjoy fulfilling and meaningful lives with us. We create a series of personalised experiences based on a Member’s passions and interests.

“I am particularly impressed by the variety of activities on offer for the members. [The activity staff] do a fantastic job and endeavour to include everyone”

Family Member

Latest Extraordinary Days

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Making Movie Star Moments

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Literary March

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Celebrating Travel - An Extraordinary Day

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Extraordinary Activities for Extraordinary People

This promotes new learning by using brain games, reminiscences and cognitive stimulation. Every day starts with the latest newspaper headlines and stories. We also have a Politics Club and an extensive selection of puzzles and board games. Our armchair travel groups encourage Members to explore different cultures.

This stimulates mind, memory and senses with an aim to spark conversations, which improves confidence and connections. Our programme includes diverse activities such as flower arranging, pet therapy, indoor gardening, aromatherapy and tastings.

This programme of arts, culture and sport stimulates conversation, enhances mood and builds confidence. It includes Loveday Arts Club, drama, music and our Poetry Club. Our Artist in Residence arranges workshops which lead to exhibitions. We also now have a Resident Author, Nadia Cohen. A talented biographer who has written Enid Blyton, Beatrix Potter and Roald Dahl's life stories, she is working with us to capture the memories of our Members and is compiling these rich stories into an anthology.

There are also trips to the theatre, ballet, opera and local attractions. Live sport lovers can enjoy events such as Royal Ascot and Wimbledon, along with rugby and football matches.

This specially-designed daily exercise programme strengthens the body and keeps it flexible and energised to promote mental and physical health. Members can choose from a wide range of activities, including physiotherapy, dance therapy, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, indoor bowls, armchair yoga and personal training sessions.

An excellent combination of cooking demonstrations, baking classes and tasting sessions, using classic and favourite recipes. Emphasis is placed on nutrition and the sheer joy of food.

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