The Day Club

Your private club

An exclusive club for seniors and those living with ageing conditions offering a similar atmosphere to private clubs they may have frequented. Here, Members can enjoy an excellent lunch and stimulating activities, plus take part in events highlighted in the London social calendar. The Day Club also presents a refreshing change of scene and opportunity for companionship.

Before, they didn't get out of bed. I couldn't believe the change seeing them walking. They are even doing Thai Chi now. I feel this is the best place in the world for. Relative

The Day Club is open to Members following their assessment and makes an ideal venue for each Member’s tailored programme of therapy, lifestyle and fun.

In addition to medical support, physiotherapy and our social, cultural and active events, Members can indulge in beauty and wellbeing treatments including manicures, hair styling and hydrotherapy.

Open seven days a week at all Loveday properties. Members can enjoy the benefits of the Day Club whenever they wish.

Extraordinary Days

Our dedication to ensuring that every Loveday Member lives every day well is encapsulated by our superb, cutting-edge Extraordinary Days programme. Its five elements are dedicated to supporting each Member and their individual enthusiasms, experiences and needs. 

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Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Massage

We are pleased to invite our Members to enjoy the many benefits of attending our hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, podiatry and massage sessions with the teams in one of our immaculate hydro-spa and therapy rooms.

Hair & Beauty Services

In addition to specific medical support, physiotherapy and a heady wealth of social, cultural and active engagements, our Members have the opportunity to indulge in beauty and wellbeing treatments, ranging from elegant manicures to hairstyling and personal grooming.

Use of Private Dining Rooms

Our Members and their families are warmly welcomed to host celebrations and special occasions in the splendid comfort of our private dining rooms, with the expert support of our award-winning chefs.

CQC Registered Transportation

Loveday is delighted to have partnered with a CQC private transportation service, equipped to safely transport you and your loved ones in comfort. Vehicles are fully equipped to fulfil the needs of our Members and drivers are all highly trained. 

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Please contact our Membership team to answer any questions you might have and arrange a tour.

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