Rehabilitation Respite

Ensuring our guests recover well, enjoying what can otherwise be a frustrating process is a vocation at Loveday residences.

Our expert team works collaboratively with your consultants and a multi-disciplinary medical team to create a care and rehabilitation plan to optimise recovery. Rehabilitation respite can be particularly helpful post knee surgery, hip surgery and other types of orthopaedic surgery.

Loveday has an in-house team of specialist physiotherapists who work with both geriatric Members and younger Members. Our specialist areas include post-orthopaedic rehabilitation, neuro-rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation and falls prevention. In addition, due to Loveday’s home care services, Members can continue rehabilitation in their own home post-respite or after prolonged illness.

Loveday is proud to partner with other specialist providers and can offer hydrotherapy services in both South London and North West London near to Loveday Residences.

What is Rehabilitation Respite?

Rehabilitation Respite can be planned, for example following scheduled surgery, or unplanned, such as following a fall or injury. It offers all the benefits of a temporary respite stay whilst incorporating a personalised rest and rehabilitation programme in line with your medical requirements.

When is Rehabilitation Respite appropriate?

The best respite experience for you and your loved one is entirely unique to you, your family and personal circumstances. As with all of our respite services, our rehabilitation respite programme is completely tailored, incorporating the medical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of our guest, for a length of time that is appropriate for you. Typical reasons for guests requiring rehabilitation respite include;

  • Scheduled surgery – Planned surgery offers guests and their carers the opportunity to plan recovery and recuperation that’s appropriate to the surgery. The Loveday care team will work with you, our guest, and medical team to design a care programme that meets your recuperation goals, coupled with award-winning care & hospitality.
  • Unplanned surgery or injury – Sometimes families do not have the opportunity to plan, for instance when unexpected injury or illness affects you or your loved one. At this stressful time, our highly experienced team can work with you, your family and medical professionals to design an appropriate and enjoyable care plan in earnest.
  • Changes to existing care – Sometimes existing care plans are disrupted and urgently need replacing. This can be when a family member can no longer provide care for personal/work reasons, or if logistics or health reasons dictate an unexpected change in care is required. Our experienced care team will work with you to arrange alternative care whether residential or at home.

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How to choose the right Rehabilitation Respite for you

Your needs are unique, and as such our care plans are designed to suit you. Respite in general is very flexible, it can be short or long-term, ad hoc or consistent, at home or in residence – or a combination of all. Rehabilitation respite can also deliver a high degree of flexibility, however, this needs to be combined with a structure regime to support recovery.

Typically, a guest following hip replacement surgery will stay in residence at Loveday for a fixed period of time, enjoying the social and hospitality experience of respite, coupled with structured rehabilitation in line with your medical team’s approach. This may be followed in the more medium/long term by temporary or ad hoc respite, such as holiday stays, at-home visits or day club membership.

Family and carer circumstances should also factor into this decision, carers need to take care of themselves as well as loved ones, and as such a collaborative care plan is typically co-designed to support all stakeholders in the guest’s recovery process.

What is the difference between respite and rehabilitation care?

Rehabilitation respite combines the social, emotional and sensory benefits of traditional respite care, with the structure and medical needs for effective rehabilitation and recovery. Rehabilitation respite can incorporate physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, cognitive therapy, medication, or a combination of all.  Our experienced nurses and consultants will work alongside your medical team to design a care plan appropriate for you and your family.

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