Respite Care

Introducing Loveday Stays

Loveday Members can experience the pleasure of short-stay respite care in our luxurious environment, from a few weeks to considerably longer periods of time. Every Member using Loveday Stays can be confident in receiving the same outstanding standard of care and wealth of activities and services as our resident Members.

Palliative care

An at-times tremendously upsetting and difficult experience for all families and loved ones, end-of-life and palliative care is a vocation for every one of us..

Holiday stays

If you’re visiting the UK from abroad and require expert care for a loved one or visiting one of the world’s leading medical communities for care or surgery..


Post-surgical recovery can be long, tiring and also frustrating for the individual, carer and loved ones. Loveday’s post-surgical respite service focuses on recovery..

Rehabilitation Respite

Our expert team works collaboratively with your consultants and a multi-disciplinary medical team to create a care and rehabilitation plan to optimise recovery..

What is Respite Care?

The dictionary definition of respite is “an interval of relief” – it is a period where the carer can take a break from caring, safe in the knowledge that the loved one they care for is in the best possible hands. When properly arranged, respite care can provide demonstrable benefits to both the carer and the guest.

Respite at Loveday is tailored to your care needs, whether it’s just a few days’ rest, post-surgery recuperation or a longer-term stay, our specialist team will prepare a respite care plan that works for you and your family.

When is Respite Care appropriate?

Caring for a loved one is undoubtedly a rewarding experience but can be demanding, and prioritising one’s own mental health, travel plans or wellbeing can be incredibly stressful when a loved one depends on you. Our mission is to remove that stress whilst providing world-class care to our respite guests.

Loveday Stays presents devoted family carers with a temporary break and true peace of mind, in the knowledge that all Members receive first-class care in a safe and supportive environment.

Typical reasons for respite care include:

  • Simply needing a break. In order to care for another well, you also need to care for yourself, sometimes a few days or a couple of weeks of holiday respite can leave you refreshed and better placed to manage the challenges of being a carer. Meanwhile, our short-term guests enjoy a home-from-home holiday, taking part in our daily activities, socialising and forming friendships with other Members, receiving family visits and enjoying our facilities – all under the excellent care of our specialist team.
  • From a long weekend break to a three-month trip, our respite packages can be tailored to your needs allowing you to enjoy your holiday, knowing that your loved one is not only safe and cared for, but enjoying a fulfilling experience themselves.
  • Palliative care. An at-times tremendously upsetting and difficult experience for all families and loved ones, end-of-life and palliative care is a vocation for every one of us at Loveday. Following the accredited Gold Standards framework, it is a service Loveday is truly proud to offer.
  • Post-surgery recuperation. Loveday’s post-surgery respite is focused on recovering well. Balancing physical recuperation with wellbeing in what can otherwise be a frustrating time for many patients and their families.
  • Disruption to existing care. Loveday Stays also provides security to families should they experience, for whatever reason, disruption to previous care support. In such events, Members can be looked after in comfort at a Loveday property until new support provision is in place.
  • Urgent Respite Care. In the event of surgery, a fall or a bout of sickness, Loveday Stays offers Members a place to relax, recuperate and recover in tranquillity, benefiting from round-the-clock care from our expert team of professionals. In particular, after surgery such as knee and hip replacement, a period of respite or treatment such as chemotherapy. Combined with Loveday’s physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and rehabilitation team, our Respite Care can lead to a rapid and comprehensive return to full mobility with all the benefits of a 5-star hospitality experience.

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How to find the right respite care for you

Our families and lifestyles are unique – and so are our care needs. There are many respite care options available, and which option is best for you depends on your requirements, personal circumstances, and the reasons for seeking respite care.

Firstly, it’s key to identify what kind of care you need – Do you want it in the home environment, or at a dedicated residence? What kind of facilities will be required to care for your loved one fully. This will vary depending on age, physical health, and emotional wellbeing.

Choosing your care partner is both an emotive and practical decision. They need to meet the medical and physical needs of your loved one, who needs to be happy and comfortable with the care option, and you as the caregiver need to be certain of the capabilities of the team that will be around them.

At Loveday our respite service is prescriptive, our team will discuss your needs both in practical and emotive terms, and design a care plan that meets all criteria. This may be a holiday stay at one of our luxury residences, day club enrolment over a given period, or at-home care visits. There is no one-size-fits-all solution and many of our Members enjoy a blend of respite services throughout their care journey with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

For as long as you need it. Our team will design a tailored care plan with you, but we understand that things change. Whether holiday plans are disrupted, or you decide your loved one should continue to benefit from our care for a longer period, our service is flexible. Communication is at the heart of our service, enabling us to be reactive to changing needs.

Yes. At home respite care is a popular choice for cares who just need short but regular breaks for work or to run errands, particularly where Members have significant mobility issues. This service is usually blended with our day club in order for guests to experience the full benefits of Loveday membership.

Loveday Membership enables Members benefit from all Loveday services and support. To apply for Membership, contact our friendly Membership and Community Team.

Being a Loveday member gives you further reassurance that all eventualities are covered, as daily respite is provided as part of The Loveday day club. And respite can also be used as a trial period before moving into a Loveday residence.  Lastly, as a Member, you have priority access to short term rooms at Loveday in the case of a care emergency at home.  

An invitation to Loveday Membership

Loveday Membership gives you access to all Loveday has to offer.  As London’s only private Members Club for seniors catering for every stage of the ageing journey, Loveday offers each Member highly tailored care, expert advice and lifestyle services so Members can continue to enjoy an enriched life.

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