Design & Real Estate Innovation

Design & Real Estate Innovation

Buildings have a profound impact on our emotions and health, affecting everything from our endocrine system (which produces our hormones) to our nervous system. At Loveday, we have taken this into account at every level of our stunning properties.

The Loveday Building & Design Standards always take into account all statutory and regulatory controls related to town planning, building control, fire regulations, health and safety and, lastly, CQC registration and inspection requirements. On top of this, we continually work hard to research and develop innovative and leading-edge design features, not only to provide the safest possible living environments but also to create delightful environments where Members thrive and which their families look forward to visiting.

Benefitting from research from the University of Stirling and input from a team of world-leading architects, designers and real estate experts from the senior care sector, we have developed a range of unique design standards and features that are only found in Loveday homes. Key design principles include:

Loveday Kensington, as with all our homes, is designed to offer a sense of security, independence and comfort, where Members live with dignity and are free to move through internal and external spaces without hindrance, where such spaces are intended and designed for their use and enjoyment.

A comfortable and quiet lounge on every floor provides intimate areas where small groups can socialise, reducing any risk of overstimulation or distressed behaviour as may occur when larger groups congregate together.

Art, crafts and music clubs, cinema screenings, as well as exercise classes, are all meaningful activities which can help stimulate the brain of a person living with dementia. Loveday Kensington is designed to incorporate multi-purpose spaces, separated from other communal areas, which can be subdivided to cater for both large and small groups and diverse activities. 

All Loveday properties are designed to ensure level access throughout. All bedrooms and communal living spaces at Loveday Kensington are easily accessible by wheelchair. 

Exposure to natural sunlight has proven benefits for seniors and those living with dementia. Suites, dining rooms and communal lounges are all positioned to maximise natural light. Window sizes have been designed to allow daylight into the building without the risk of overheating, and with a view to maintaining privacy by reducing overlooking. 

Tonal contrast for surfaces and critical planes, such as doorway surrounds, is essential and provides those living with dementia better awareness of their surroundings, easing and aiding both movement and positioning whilst walking.  

A well-considered signage strategy and use of differing colour schemes on each floor aids way-finding, assists in reducing stress and anxiety and promotes a sense of Members’ independence. Signage is designed to seamlessly blend with the interior design of each property, avoiding any suggestion of a medical environment.

As the provision of accessible outdoor space is highly desirable, Loveday properties incorporate sensory gardens, courtyards or other direct access to exterior spaces.

Floors, walls and ceilings throughout the premises are designed to incorporate and maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

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