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Buildings have a deep effect on our emotions and health, touching everything from our hormones to our nervous systems. We apply this learning to every part of our stunning Loveday properties.

Loveday Building & Design Standards

We abide by all statutory and regulatory controls applying to town planning, building control, fire regulations, health and safety, best practice in accessibility, plus CQC registration and inspection requirements. In addition, we develop and research innovative design features to create environments which are safe, accessible and inviting for our Members and their families when they visit.

Using research from the University of Stirling and input from architects, designers and real estate experts in the senior care sector, we have developed features which are only found in Loveday Residences.

Innovative equipment and technology had been researched and used to support the delivery of high- quality care and independence. This included a circadian lighting system and acoustic monitoring technology, which helped staff monitor people in a less intrusive manner. A relative told us the benefit of having sensor lighting in the room helped to reduce any falls as it enabled their family member to be more independent. They added, "The quality of the rooms and facilities are second to none." Relatives also told us how this technology provided them with extra reassurances about their care. CQC

Our homes offer security, independence and comfort, where Members live with dignity and move around freely without hindrance in spaces specifically designed for them.

A quiet lounge on every floor provides an ideal space for small groups to socialise and where they can avoid the over-stimulation or distressed behaviour which may happen in larger groups.

Arts, crafts, music and cinema, as well as exercise groups, are excellent activities to stimulate the brains of people living with dementia. Each residence has multi-purpose spaces, which can be subdivided for both small and large groups.

All properties provide level access throughout and all suites and communal areas are accessible by wheelchair.

Natural light has proven benefits for seniors and people living with dementia. Suites, dining rooms and communal spaces have all been built to maximise natural light. In addition, windows have been designed to allow light in without causing overheating and to help retain privacy.

Surfaces and critical planes such as doorway surroundings have tonal contrast to help make those living with dementia more aware of their surroundings. This, in turn, helps movement and positioning while walking.

Simple, clear signage helps people get around more easily, reduces stress and encourages a sense of independence. Our signs blend with the interior design and don’t give the impression of a medical environment.

Loveday properties have sensory gardens, courtyards and other direct access to secure exterior spaces.

All floors, walls and ceilings are designed to ensure high levels of hygiene.

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