Loveday Webinar – Stages of Ageing: Dementia

Loveday was delighted to host an informative and interactive Q&A webinar on the
“Stages of Ageing: Dementia” in collaboration with Annomo Health. This webinar
was hosted during Dementia Action Week 2023 and was the first in a series of
collaborative educational events.

Stages of Ageing: Dementia was hosted by Dr Chichi Menakaya, an Orthopaedic
Surgeon and the CEO of Annomo Health, who has extensive experience in
delivering uncompromised care and advice to patients navigating the ageing process
from all over the world.

Dr Chichi was joined by an expert panel of dementia experts comprising:
Dr Arshad Hussain Rather – Consultant Geriatrician
Dr Conor Clerkin-Oliver – Research Physician at Re: Cognition Health
Darren Pitcher – Director of Care and Quality at Loveday

The webinar explored signs and symptoms of dementia, how to get a diagnosis, how
the disease progresses, how to deliver the best care for a loved one living with
dementia and considerations for changing care requirements. It also explored the
latest treatments which are available now and the new-generation treatments on the
horizon, and how to access these.

The experts shared their knowledge and provided an in-depth exploration of
dementia with practical tips and also answered questions from the audience.

View the full webinar below.

Contact our events team to sign up for future Stages of Ageing webinars. 

Published: 23rd of June 2023 by Loveday & Co

Tagged: Dementia, News

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