The Best Dementia Gadgets for Enhancing Safety

The Best Dementia Gadgets for Enhancing Safety By Helene Cross, Clinical Support Specialist at Loveday

Dementia is a degenerative condition that impacts cognitive function, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities. This condition necessitates specialised care, attention and support to ensure safety and to help maintain and optimise the quality of life for those affected. As dementia progresses, the need for effective management strategies becomes increasingly important.

Many innovative gadgets and assistive technologies have been developed to help address the symptoms and challenges associated with dementia. These tools not only enhance safety but also promote engagement, independence and wellbeing.

Below are some useful dementia gadgets for promoting safety for individuals living with dementia which can be used both in the home and within a care home environment:



1. Assistive Devices and Care Technology to Promote Safety in the Home

Ensuring safety in the home is a primary concern for individuals living with dementia and their carers. Various assistive devices and technologies can be employed to create a safer living environment.

Wearable GPS Trackers: Wandering is a common behaviour in people living with dementia, posing significant safety risks. Wearable GPS trackers such as wristbands or pendants, allows carers to monitor the person’s location in real-time.

Why They Are Useful:

  • Wander Prevention: Provides peace of mind by enabling quick location tracking and preventing potential wandering incidents.
  • Emergency Assistance: Many devices have built-in alert buttons that individuals can press if they need help.
  • Independence: Allows individuals to move around more freely while ensuring they can be located if necessary.


Ring Doorbells: Smart doorbells with cameras can enhance safety at home by allowing carers and individuals with dementia to see who is at the door before answering it.

Why They Are Useful:

  • Preventing Unwanted Visitors: Helps deter unwanted visitors and potential scams, providing an added layer of security.
  • Remote Monitoring: Carers can remotely monitor who is coming and going, ensuring that the individual with dementia is safe.
  • Identification: Individuals with dementia can identify visitors before opening the door, reducing confusion and anxiety.


2. Wrist and Neck Pendants

Safety pendants worn on the wrist or around the neck of patients can be lifesavers in emergencies. These devices often come with built-in emergency buttons that can be pressed to call for help.

Why They Are Useful:

  • Immediate Assistance: Provides a quick and easy way to call for help in case of a fall or other emergency.
  • Peace of Mind: Offers reassurance to both the individual and their carers, knowing that help is just a button press away.
  • Mobility: Supports greater independence and confidence in moving around, both at home and in public.


3. Dosette Boxes

Description: Dosette boxes, also known as pill organisers, are segmented containers designed to help individuals manage their medication schedules. Each compartment is labelled with the days of the week and sometimes the times of day, ensuring that doses are taken correctly and on time.

Why They Are Useful:

  • Medication Adherence: Dosette boxes help ensure that individuals take the correct medication at the right time, reducing the risk of missed or double doses.
  • Simplicity: They simplify complex medication regimens, making it easier for individuals and caregivers to manage multiple prescriptions.
  • Independence: By organising medications, dosette boxes promote independence in individuals with dementia, allowing them to manage their own health more effectively.
  • Safety: They reduce the risk of medication errors, which is particularly important for those with cognitive impairments who may struggle with memory and comprehension.

Published: 9th of July 2024 by Loveday & Co

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