Spring Exhibition with the Chelsea Pensioners

Members from Chelsea Court Place and pensioners from the Royal Hospital Chelsea are delighted to celebrate their first joint art exhibition at Peter Jones 5th Floor Cafe from 15th – 28th May, 2019.


Our members and the Chelsea Pensioners have been undertaking a highly successful, evidence-based dementia arts programme, culminating in this captivating exhibition which highlights the benefits that artistic output delivers in living well with dementia.

Stories of Spring has been inspired by the local Chelsea community and coincides with the iconic Chelsea Flower Show. Memories surrounding the happiness and events of the Springtime calendar are the inspiration for this compelling collection and celebrates friendship between the residents, pensioners and carers. The exhibition showcases the talent, identity and style of the artists with a tangible sense of pride and confidence.  It aims to raise awareness about dementia in the community and illustrates the powerful influence that creativity can have on the health and wellbeing of individuals who are living with a diagnosis.

The six themes of Stories of Spring were selected and developed by both residents and pensioners and created in circle shapes to represent celebration, eternal journeys and never-ending imaginations. The representative subjects comprise fashion, nature, city gardens, culture, weddings and architecture; each having its very own story to tell from each contributing artist. From the beautiful grounds and walled gardens of the Royal Hospital Chelsea to the fond memories and sense of occasion of weddings and colourful celebrations of multicultural identities, the artworks are vibrant, thought-provoking and joyful.


Each artwork is symbolic and meaningful to the artists involved:

‘Flowers Forever’

Artists: Chelsea Court Place Members
Medium: Dried flowers and painted relief paper cut-outs on painted wood 

‘Feeling Fashion’

Artists: Chelsea Court Place Members
Medium: Mixed woven, crochet and layered materials embellished with buttons and ribbons on painted wood 

‘The World's Garden’

Artists: Chelsea Court Place Members
Medium: Relief acrylic paint on wood 

‘Blooming Bouquets’

Artists: Chelsea Court Place Members
Medium: Gold and silver leaf on crafted and organic cutout papers applied to painted wood 

‘Along the Poppy Path’

Artists: Chelsea Pensioners 
Medium: Hand marbled mosaic papers on painted wood 

‘Wandering the Walled Garden’

Artists: Chelsea Pensioners 
Medium: Mixed-media craft papers, decoupage, watercolour and relief works on painted wood 

Art Workshops:

The weekly art workshops, which have been delivered to residents at Chelsea Court Place over the last two years, were developed in conjunction with the Dementia Care Centre at the University of West London (UWL). The programme uses using the latest research and evidence to help individuals manage symptoms of dementia and have seen very positive responses from participants.

The art workshops are led by Illustrator and Creative Educator Grace Holliday who incorporates traditional arts skills such as painting, drawing and mixed-media design as well as sensory workshops. The programme draws personal stories, experiences and personalities to provide a meaningful programme that enhances wellbeing. Grace comments, “This inspiring exhibition promotes the the importance of art and sensory stimulation in relation to helping individuals live with dementia. It is commonly considered that euphoric feelings and creative achievements are perhaps an impossibility to people who are faced with a dementia diagnosis, however these workshops showcase talent, identity and style with a tangible sense of pride.”

As carers and staff were very instrumental in the making of the wreaths, working and collaborating with the artists in this project which has brought so much joy and happiness to so many people.

Limited edition prints will be available to purchase with proceeds going to Arts 4 Dementia to enable more people the opportunity to benefit from creative arts. To order a print please contact Ben Morton ben.morton@innovative-agedcare.com

Published: 22nd of May 2019 by Loveday & Co

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