Pet Portraits Exhibition Unveiled at Chelsea Court Place

This project saw Members and staff at Chelsea Court Place collaborate with family, friends and our furry companions throughout lockdown at the beginning of 2021. From Dachshunds and tabby cats through to Persians and poodles, photos were sent in from near and far, bringing joy, reminiscence and connection through this difficult period.

This light-hearted brief was designed and delivered by Artist in Residence Grace Holliday, who has been collaborating with Loveday since 2017 and has developed a very special bond and understanding of each of the Members. The concept aimed to bring a smile to people's faces whilst creating a unique tribute to our pets who bring so much happiness and comfort into our lives. As all Loveday Arts workshops were conducted online throughout lockdown, the entire project was organised and delivered remotely, first curating a collection of pet portraits submitted by staff, friends and family to make it a really connected process.

These artworks were then transformed into fashion-inspired collages and bespoke templates for members to add their own style to. Using a variety of painting techniques that Grace demonstrated, each template came to life with vivid colour, texture and tonal details. The final outcomes from the workshops were then curated by Grace into a virtual exhibition - showcasing to all artists involved the amazing impact and presence of their work in a celebratory space. At a time where it is not possible to be together physically, this final touch to the project added a sense of occasion and immersion to the project. Inviting everyone to come together and feel some much-needed escapism.

We are so proud of the Loveday Arts Pet Portraits and delighted to see it adorning our walls at Chelsea Court Place.

Published: 24th of March 2022 by Loveday & Co

Tagged: Loveday Chelsea Court Place, Extraordinary Days

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