Meet the Loveday Team: Ingrid van Veen

60 Seconds with Ingrid van Veen, Loveday Director of Operations

Name: Ingrid van Veen   

Position: Director of Operations

How long have you worked at Loveday: I started in November, 2023.

Where do you live:
Woking, Surrey.

Hobbies & interests:
I love outdoor activities (lots of walking), travelling and have recently found my passion for swimming after having to give up on any ‘contact sport’ due to a serious knee injury from skiing.

Favourite part of London:
As an outdoor lover, this has to be Hampstead Heath. With beautiful views over the city (on a sunny day) and lots of beautiful walks, it has everything!

Favourite restaurant (in London):
Ottolenghi – I love the delicious Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavours and diverse ingredients from around the world. It’s always interesting and the food and atmosphere never disappoints.

Favourite holiday destination:
This is really tricky as I just love to travel! I love any place with lots of nature and mountains. But, if I had to choose, my favourite destination would be Italy, with its wonderful culture, food, mountains and lifestyle. I spent there 9 months for work last year.

Favourite movie:
The Notebook, I cry my eyes out every time I watched it.

Career highlight:
My first job as a General Manager of a 5* hotel in Amsterdam (about 18 years ago), which was part of an international chain. My hotel and team were on Dutch national TV daily in a reality TV programme called ‘Hotel’ which demonstrated what it’s like to work in hospitality. I disliked being on TV but as a GM had no choice to be part of this. After all, it was a lifetime experience, something I will never forget and also something I was very proud to be part of. We had great fun while the cameras were following us, I never watched the show, but I promised myself I will watch it back when I am 80 or older.

Favourite meal to enjoy with Members:
Breakfast! Although I am not a big breakfast eater, I am a morning person and I love to start the day with a great cup of coffee and meeting with our ‘early bird’ Members. I love talking to them, making them smile and starting the day with happiness and energy.

Favourite part of the job:
Working with a team of passionate people and with our incredible Members who have amazing life stories that we can learn from.

Favourite activity to do with Members: 
Celebrating Christmas and seeing them enjoy spending time with their loved ones and our teams, creating magic moments.

Favourite part of the day:
Early morning, the most productive part of the day and it is nice to see ‘the world’ come to life.

What gets you out of bed in the morning:
Life in general! Although I love my bed, it is a waste to spend too much time in it as there is always so much I like to do and get up for. There aren’t enough hours in the day…

What does good care mean to you:
Good care means to me ‘caring to do the very best for others’, showing genuine interest, and respecting each and every person for their individual needs, for their life they live and have lived.

Published: 1st of May 2024 by Loveday & Co

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