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When it comes to delivering the most outstanding levels of care at Loveday, our team knows no bounds and will go to every length to optimise the health and wellbeing of each Member.

Over the past six years, we have trialled the latest care technology, using our first residence Loveday Chelsea Court Place as a laboratory of research and innovation. From sleep and medicine to care planning and pain, every aspect of care has been analysed and evaluated to complement the care our expert team delivers.

Using strict criteria to evaluate the efficacy of the technology, much of what we have tested didn’t make the cut. The care technology implemented within Loveday Residences has met our very high expectations and we are proud to offer the very latest, most cutting-edge care solutions in our properties. All our systems are designed to collect data so we can better tailor the personalised care plans for each of our Members.

At Loveday, we are passionate about sharing our observations and developments and believe these best practices are key to improving the future of care for the whole industry. We are always willing to pioneer incremental improvements in care and efficiency.


Technology Innovations in Loveday Properties

We have heavily invested in working with a number of research institutions and affiliates such as the University of West London, University of Stirling Dementia Services Development Centre, and the University of Roehampton, to enable technologies that discreetly, yet dynamically enhance Members' wellbeing. We work with the broader sector, academia, and government to ensure the latest translatable research and best practices are adopted. 


Examples of some of our technology includes:

Electronic care-planning records interactions in real-time, reducing administration and ensuring staff time can be spent focused on providing quality care.

Paincheck technology- an App which uses facial analysis and AI to accurately assess and score levels of pain, particularly important for individuals living with dementia.

Medicine management - Rather than using the institutional and antiquated medication trolley, we have designed a secure storage unit in each Member’s suite where medication is kept. This reduces/eliminates medication errors and enables Members to take medication at a time suitable to them.

CLB nurse call and acoustic monitoring – an innovative and discreet system to help prevent falls, reduce sleep disturbance and improve care. It enables staff to efficiently answer calls on the move and means our Members are not disturbed by loud, audible call bells or alarms, especially at night.

Circadian lighting systems are installed in all areas including suites, communal areas and corridors. This lighting automatically adjusts the colour temperature to mimic the natural environment and provides relief from Circadian dysfunction, relatively common in those living with dementia.

Lighting sensors are also used to activate bathroom lighting at night with a gradual increase, ensuring the bathroom can be found easily.

Sleep – the suites are equipped with beds and mattresses jointly developed by Loveday and Opera Care, meaning Members benefit from stylish, high-quality sleeping products that never compromise on the medical functionality of care beds.

Air-spa bathing system - a highly versatile and safe bath with sound and vision to enhance relaxation.

Nordic Wellness Relax chair-  combining music, tactile stimulation and a rocking motion to offer a calming, multi-sensory experience.

Anti-bacterial technologies including shadowless UV-C cleaners, air purification systems and bipolar ionization units on recirculating air ventilation systems, in conjunction with anti-microbial paint on walls and ceilings, to ensure superior indoor air quality levels are achieved and maintained. 

Abbots PCR testing – Loveday was the first care provider in the UK to offer on-site PCR testing to increase health and safety or our Members and staff.  These are available in all homes.

The Life at Loveday App with ResHub – a social media and content platform that connects Members, family and the care team. It enables a unique connection with families for reminiscence therapy, engagement and stimulation; as well as regular updates on a Member’s daily life with photography and commentary. Dementia friendly content and a way for families to send gifts, schedule calls and book services for their loved one.

We are proud to be merging innovative care technology with personalised hands-on care at Loveday, ensuring each Member enjoys a fulfilled and enriched life. We are continuing to trial new technology with research institutions and have some very exciting technology currently in trial phase; we are excited to review the data and outcomes!


Published: 31st of March 2023 by Loveday & Co

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