"Home" by Loveday and Royal Hospital Chelsea

Introducing a New Art Collaboration: "Home" by Loveday and Royal Hospital Chelsea 

In a fusion of creativity and compassion, Loveday is delighted to announce a new art collaboration with the Royal Hospital Chelsea titled "Home." This innovative initiative, launching during Dementia Action Week from May 13th to 19th, 2024, holds immense significance for both organisations, united in their dedication to supporting individuals living with dementia. 

Over the next four months, Loveday Members and a group of Chelsea Pensioners, many of whom have dementia, will embark on a transformative journey through various artistic mediums in their weekly workshops. These workshops, led by Loveday’s Artist in Residence Grace Holliday, will culminate in an art exhibition debuting on World Alzheimer’s Day, September 21st, 2024, at the Soane Stable Yard, the Royal Hospital Chelsea’s new National Lottery Heritage Funded Outreach and Visitor Centre. 

"Home" serves as a poignant tribute to the memories, experiences, and identities of the artists involved. It provides a platform for individuals, who have called various places home, to express their emotions, memories, and perceptions through their artwork, offering profound insights into their inner worlds. 

Reflecting on the initiative, Grace emphasises the significance of art and sensory stimulation in supporting individuals living with dementia. She celebrates the workshops' ability to defy misconceptions, showcasing talent, identity, and style with palpable pride.

This collaborative effort, which has been ongoing for the past seven years at Loveday Residences, was generously gifted to the Royal Hospital Chelsea by Loveday’s Chairman and philanthropist Laurence Geller CBE. This extension of art therapy to the Chelsea Pensioners underscores the profound role art plays in enriching lives, especially for those living with dementia. 

As Laurence Geller, CEO of Loveday, eloquently expresses, this collaboration celebrates the resilience and spirit of the community. It aims to inspire hope, understanding, and empowerment whilst honouring the contributions of those affected by dementia. 


In the next phase of the programme, Loveday Members and Chelsea Pensioners will come together to explore each other’s homes, forging stronger bonds amongst the communities of artists. Through artistic expression, meaningful connections, and awareness-building, this collaboration seeks to honour the talents and experiences of individuals within our community while advocating for greater support for those affected by dementia.

Marina Spiteri, Community Engagement and Outreach Manager at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, aptly summarises the collaboration's essence as “a celebration of shared experiences, nurtured belonging, and pride in the care provided for people living with dementia.” 

We are looking forward to watching the artists at Loveday and the Royal Hospital Chelsea create “Home” over the coming months, and eagerly await the exhibition launch in September. 

Published: 16th of May 2024 by Loveday & Co

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