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At Loveday, every day is extraordinary, from our innovative weekly programme of activities, excursions and therapies to the exceptional money-can’t-buy experiences. We take immense pride in delivering meaningful experiences to each Member, bringing joy and happiness to them and their loved ones.

We believe that people should continue living a fulfilled life, enjoying all the things they always have despite their age or diagnosis. In fact, we have found these experiences to be extremely beneficial to the health and happiness of our Members with the effects lasting long beyond the experience which is why we are so passionate about personalising our activities.

2023 Extraordinary Days at Loveday

We are delighted to be adding another element to our already exceptional programme with exclusive, extraordinary days, curated around the hobbies and interests of our Members.

These enriching experiences embrace the senses and cater to all tastes including art, history, culture, sport and nature. From start to finish, these extraordinary days go the extra mile and are enveloped with carefully selected transportation and hospitality experiences.

We have hand-selected our own Loveday chauffeur and tour guide and trained them in the Loveday Way to meet our exceptional standards. We have teamed up with unique travel companies to provide transport to venues, including Route Master buses, classic car companies, boats and vintage limousines. We have secured private access to venues, exclusive tickets and behind-the-scenes tours.

Some of our show-stopping Extraordinary Days include:

Travelling in a vintage route master bus to explore the golden age of travel with a private tour around the London Transport Museum, with our Loveday tour guide. This has been curated around one of our Members who has a keen interest in travel, having enjoyed a successful career in transport. His favourite restaurant is the Ritz, so naturally, we will be heading there for lunch after the tour.

Appealing to our many Members who love history, we have arranged a journey through London’s rich and interesting past with a private chartered boat cruise to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. Our Loveday tour guide will tell tales of the Thames as we cruise and Members will enjoy a delicious lunch on board with live music played by a string quartet.

Many of our Members are sports car enthusiasts so we are off on a trip to the Goodwood Revival, the greatest historic motor race meeting. Members will choose their own classic car to be chauffeured in and have the opportunity to meet drivers at the race. They may also dress in vintage fashion to fully embrace the experience.

As the year progresses, we will add and adapt this programme to cater for all our Member’s likes, hobbies, interests and histories (and also to take advantage of seasonal events and exclusive tickets) so please sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date.

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