Executive Chef Matt Dodge selected by Channel 4

Our Executive Chef Matt Dodge was selected by Channel 4 to work on an inspiring new series which explores dementia and employment called The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes.

The programme is currently being filmed in Bristol, where Matt is training and working with a team of people, all of whom have been diagnosed with early-onset dementia. Together, under the expert guidance of Bristol-based Michelin-starred chef Josh Eggleton, they will run the restaurant, preparing and serving food for the public. The social experiment aims to highlight to employers that an early dementia diagnosis does not mean the end of that person’s employment prospects.

Matt has spent the last 3 weeks teaching the team of volunteers how to prepare and serve food in the kitchen.  The restaurant is now open for diners and has already welcomed the likes of celebrities including Hugh Booneville to the restaurant! To book a table at the restaurant visit email trtmm@outlook.com or call 07749 883 545.

We are very proud of Matt’s achievements and delighted that he has been selected to work on this exciting project – although we are all missing him.

Published: 21st of November 2019 by Loveday & Co

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