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Loveday Kensington Receives CQC's Outstanding Rating on First Inspection

In the healthcare industry, achieving an "Outstanding" rating from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) is a prestigious accolade that speaks volumes about the exceptional care delivered by an organisation. Exceeding all expectations, Loveday Kensington has secured this coveted recognition on its very first inspection, which less than 1% of care homes in England have managed to achieve. We couldn’t be more delighted! This is a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion of our staff, the visionary leadership, and the focus on delivering bespoke care.


But don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the comments from CQC about the service areas investigated:


“The provider's vision and values made sure people's health and wellbeing was put first and everything was tailored towards them to ensure they received an excellent level of care in a five-star service environment.” - CQC

"You simply cannot compare this level of care and service" – Relative in CQC report

When investigating whether the service was effective CQC noted: OUTSTANDING

  • “People received excellent care and support to help keep them in the best possible health. People and their relatives told us they had seen significant improvements in their health since moving in.” - CQC

When speaking about Leadership, CQC noted: OUTSTANDING

  • “Service leadership was exceptional and distinctive. Leaders and the service culture they created drove and improved high-quality, person-centred care.” – CQC

When looking at whether the service was caring, CQC noted: OUTSTANDING

  • “People were supported by a dedicated staff team across the home that was committed to providing exceptionally kind and compassionate care.” – CQC

When looking at the responsiveness of the service, CQC noted: OUTSTANDING

  • “People and their relatives praised the level of attention and care provided that had a positive impact and improved their quality of life.” - CQC


If you wish to read the full report place click here:


And a family member added;

"Everybody is so attentive, they notice everything and are so kind. Even the small things they do make such a big difference. You can't teach kindness and this is in their heart, in all of them." – Relative

The Inception of Loveday Kensington

Loveday Kensington was founded with a vision to redefine senior and dementia care by providing compassionate, comprehensive and innovative healthcare and hospitality services, tailored to the unique needs of each individual. From the outset, our founders and senior leadership team, who possess decades of combined healthcare and hospitality experience, lead from the front, instilling a culture of excellence, where the care needs, health and wellbeing are prioritised at every level.

One of the cornerstones of Loveday Kensington's success lies in its steadfast commitment to person-centered care. From the moment our Members begin their Loveday journey they are treated with empathy, respect and dignity and are supported to continue living their life as independently as possible. Every aspect of this journey is carefully curated to cater to the changing needs of each individual so they can continue to enjoy a fulfilled and meaningful life.

CQC commented

  • “The whole team across the service excelled at providing outstanding person-centred care, whilst in a luxury five star environment, which included fine dining and first class hospitality” – CQC
  • “Care was tailored around people's individual needs, which included preferred drinks, dining preferences, activities and interests along with the décor of their room.” – CQC

We invest heavily in staff training and development to ensure that every team member embodies this person-centric approach and are proud of the exemplary standards achieved for our Members.

Loveday Kensington embraces research and technology innovation to enhance, never replace the delivery of care. We are proud to integrate cutting-edge care technologies within our daily operations in a discreet manner. From lighting and infection control to streamlined electronic health records and bespoke Apps for communicating with our Member’s families and loved ones, every tool is leveraged to improve efficiency and accuracy. We are also proud to spearhead research, partnering with leading academics and research institutions to progress and inspire the care industry.

CQC noted:

  • “Innovative equipment and technology had been researched and used to support the delivery of high- quality care and independence. This included a circadian lighting system and acoustic monitoring technology, which helped staff monitor people in a less intrusive manner. A relative told us the benefit of having sensor lighting in the room helped to reduce any falls as it enabled their family member to be more independent. They added, "The quality of the rooms and facilities are second to none."

Behind the scenes, a team of visionary leaders played a crucial role in steering Loveday Kensington towards success. Under their guidance and mentorship, the staff are inspired to give their best every day, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and teamwork. The leadership team fosters an environment of continuous learning and development, leading from the front and empowering every team member to take ownership of their roles and contribute to the home’s success. Each individual is supported to develop in their role so they can progress in a very rewarding career in care.

  • “People and their relatives were extremely positive about the management team and told us that nothing was too much trouble and they were always available.” - CQC

Our team go to every length to ensure that every day is meaningful for every Member and go above and beyond in delivering unique experiences curated around their hobbies and interests. Our activities programme is innovative, original and inspirational for all, designed to deliver magic moments. Our Extraordinary Days programme goes one step further in delivering money-can’t-buy experiences with unique transportation and hospitality elements interwoven into the proposition; something our Members eagerly anticipate. CQC commented:

  • “The provider had gone above and beyond and had created individual bespoke programmes called 'Extraordinary Days'. This gave people the opportunity to experience special events that were very important to them, had significant meaning to them and helped them live as full a life as possible. People and their relatives told us how this had been designed around them.”

As Loveday Kensington sets new benchmarks in senior care excellence, we hope to be an inspiration for the entire industry. We are truly grateful to our incredible team who continue to excel in their roles, going to every effort to ensure each Member lives a happy and contented life. We are also appreciative of our wonderful Members and their loved ones who make every day a joy; we are honoured to be given the privilege of caring for them.

Published: 1st of September 2023 by Loveday & Co

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