Congratulations to all of our winning chefs

@SamNurse, Head Chef at Loveday Kensington shares his starter - Lilibet’s Asparagus Crown, perfectly British and in season this time of year.

Congratulations to all of our winning chefs who participated in Loveday’s Great Platinum Jubilee Menu, judged by Oliver Peyton OBE & Laurence Geller CBE.

You too can enjoy the menus at home as we share the recipes!

The name Lilibet was the nickname given to Elizabeth II by her father and then later used by her close family, and in particular her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh
a great way to start your very own Platinum Jubilee Menu!


1x Bunch white Asparagus 
1x Bunch green Asparagus 
1x Bunch purple Asparagus 
3x duck egg 
300g Jersey royal potatoes 
250g frozen peas 
50g grated Parmesan 
40g unsalted butter 
3x mint leaves, chopped 
2x sprigs dill, chopped 
2x garlic cloves, chopped
2tbsp white wine vinegar
100g micro salad leaves 
Olive Oil 
Crushed Jersey Royals
Preheat the oven at 180°C, take half your jersey royals and add to a baking tray with the garlic, Dill and mint, cook for 45 minutes and until golden and soft. Now crush with the back of a spoon. 
Poached duck egg
Bring a pan of 500ml water to a rolling boil with 2tbsp white wine vinegar, turn the water down to a very light simmer and crack your duck egg into the centre of the water. Now turn the pan off completely and set aside to slowly cook the egg for 5 minutes. 
Pea & Parmesan purée 
Add the frozen peas, salt and pepper to 200ml of boiling water and cook for 5 minutes, take off the heat and add to a jug blender with the butter and Parmesan. Blend until smooth and silky, if still grainy pass through a fine sieve. Keep warm and set aside while you assemble the rest of the dish.
Steamed Asparagus 
Firstly cut the asparagus in half, length ways. In this recipe we only need to use the top half of the asparagus but don’t throw away the bottoms as there great for soup or chopped into a salad. Lightly steam or boil the asparagus for 3 minutes until soft but with a slight crunch. 
In a metal ring spoon a small layer of the crushed potato then place the asparagus upright around the potatoes, now spoon a little more of the potatoes in making sure to push the potatoes up against the asparagus to secure it. Now place the poached duck egg on top of the potatoes followed by the pea purée and finish with the micro salad leaves. Gently pull up the metal ring and serve. 

Published: 28th of May 2022 by Loveday & Co

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