Care Sector Fundraising Ball Raises Record £426,852

In an evening filled with elegance, fun, compassion and a shared commitment to social care, Loveday made a significant impact as a proud sponsor of the Care Sector Fundraising Ball. Hosted by Championing Social Care, this spectacular event brought together professionals, organisations and philanthropic individuals to support two worthy charities, The Alzheimer's Society and the Care Workers' Charity. The outcome was outstanding, with an astonishing £426,852 raised by the end of the night.


A Night of Unity 

The Care Sector Fundraising Ball is an annual event dedicated to raising funds and awareness for vital causes in the care sector. Loveday's prominent role as a sponsor this year contributed to the event's triumph. Laurence Geller CBE, Chairman of Loveday and Co., expressed his gratitude, saying, "Thank you to everyone involved in staging the Ball, the guests, and the donors for making it such a successful and memorable night."

The generous donations and support from sponsors like Loveday played a pivotal role in surpassing all expectations and achieving a record-breaking fundraising total. These funds will go directly to The Alzheimer's Society, a leading organisation dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by dementia, and the Care Workers' Charity, which offers invaluable assistance to those working tirelessly in the care sector.


A Testament to the Industry's Dedication

Loveday's commitment to social care and its active role as an Ambassador for Championing Social Care exemplifies its dedication to making a positive impact on the industry. Laurence Geller further emphasised this commitment by stating, "Through supporting the Care Sector Fundraising Ball and being an Ambassador for Championing Social Care, I will continue to bang the drum for the care sector and those who work in it. Together we can, and we must, make our industry even better."

The Care Sector Fundraising Ball is a prime example of the care sector's resilience, strength and determination to create a brighter future for those in need. The record-breaking funds raised at this event will undoubtedly provide essential support to those who require it most, and we are so proud that Loveday's generous sponsorship played a pivotal role in this remarkable achievement.

At Loveday, we believe we must support people in our homes, the community and the industry.

We believe that when individuals, organisations and communities unite for a common cause, the possibilities are infinite. Loveday's dedication to social care and in supporting charitable initiatives reflects our commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those touched by the care sector's invaluable work. Together, we can continue to raise the bar for the industry, ensuring that care and support are readily available for those who need it, both now and in the future.


Published: 31st of October 2023 by Loveday & Co

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