Loveday Abbey Road Enhances Care with VIVALDI

Loveday Abbey Road is delighted to participate in the VIVALDI Social Care pilot scheme which was commissioned during the pandemic by the UK Health Security Agency to monitor infections in care homes.

The overarching goal of the VIVALDI Social study is to improve the quality of life for individuals within care homes while mitigating the risk of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, flu, norovirus and urinary tract infections (UTIs). Through data collection, analysis, and implementation of evidence-based interventions, this initiative seeks to create a safer and healthier environment for people living, visiting and working in care homes.

By engaging with initiatives like the VIVALDI Social Care pilot scheme, care homes like Loveday Abbey Road play a crucial role in advancing our understanding of infection control strategies and ultimately enhancing the overall safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people. This collaborative effort highlights the collective responsibility needed to prioritise infection prevention and management in care settings, particularly in the face of evolving public health challenges.

Published: 29th of April 2024 by Loveday & Co

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