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Your own specialist carer is highly trained to provide you with a wide range of care services in the comfort of your own home, and is thoroughly brief by our holistic team in what you love best. Their support ranges from clinical personal care services, including the administration of medications and nursing requirements, across to helping you get ready in the morning, maintaining your preferred personal and beauty regimes and ensuring you are absolutely comfortable in your bed or your best-loved armchair. Nothing is too much to ask – whether you like your cocktails shaken, not stirred, a cup of tea accompanied by your favourite radio programme or your prettiest cushions plumped in just the right way.

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Personal Care at Home

We believe in the human touch at all times. Personal care at home should be flexible, responsible and committed to creating the most nurturing home environment possible for our Members and their guests. At Loveday, we are dedicated to supporting our Members and their guests with a wealth of personal care at home. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Day-to-day support, from everyday routines to beauty care and treatments
  • Sensitive support with hygiene, medication and personal care
  • Specialised nursing support and care

Whether you are recovering from surgery or require tailored support to enable you to continue to live in your much-loved home, everyone in our specialist Loveday team of highly trained carers appreciates that the quality of personal care you receive makes all the difference to your quality of life.

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Please contact our Membership team to answer any questions you might have and arrange a tour.

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Lisa Nichols from the Membership Team

Lisa Nichols

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Frequently Asked Questions

Loveday’s care at home encompasses a wealth of assistance and support, whatever your needs, and however and whenever you need it.

Personal care includes:

Specialist individual nursing care and support for Members and guests who have experienced medical interventions, all under the meticulous leadership of our expert team and in liaison with your medical consultants

Day-to-day support from your Loveday carer, respectfully freeing you to enjoy your independence, continue with well-loved domestic pleasures and social connections and, above all, enjoy living safely, healthily and well in your own home

Kind and appropriate support with daily personal and intimate hygiene and everyday cleansing and bodily routine. Our highly trained team of carers know how to take the challenge out of going to the loo, putting on lotions and potions, having a long relaxing bath or energising with a refreshing shower - and ensure you continue to engage with appointments such as the dentist or podiatrist for as long as possible

Making sure you are safely up and about, and ready to greet the day and to make the most of your social connections, hobbies and routines – as well as sensitive support with your evening routine, getting ready for bed and a good night’s sleep

The pleasures of regular beauty treatments and personal care, styling and maintenance, so that you can safely and healthily enjoy your usual standards of hair, hands, feet and facial and beauty care – either in the comfort of your own home, or the pleasure of visiting your favourite beauty salon or barber’s

Loveday’s exceptional care at home is carefully designed around you and your unique circumstances: it is as flexible as you need, from a few hours a week to full-time, live-in or round-the-clock care.

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