Live-In Care

Loveday is proud to offer not only residential care, but also care that fits around Members' lives at home, 24 hours a day.

We can provide the peace of mind that their live-in carers are supported by Loveday to ensure the high standards Loveday offer. Members can choose their care team, avoid rotating staff, and know that there will always be a continuity of care when carers take annual leave or breaks for other reasons. We train and support our carers throughout their career at Loveday and boast impressive retention rates. Our aim is to offer our Members carers who stay with them for as long as they re needed, truly getting to know their Member and how best to support their lifestyle at home.

Live In Care from Loveday

As a Loveday Member you can have care suited to you, if you prefer to stay at home we can arrange day time, 24-hour or live-in care whichever you wish, all managed and monitored by Loveday to keep to our exacting standards.  And of course Members can pop into any Loveday Day Club whenever they wish.

At Loveday, our Live in Care provides highly personalised, one-on-one care tailored around individual needs, choices, preferences and social inclinations. This ensures that independence is prioritised and the individual can continue enjoying their life on their own terms.

What's included in Loveday's Live in Care?

At Loveday, our Live in Care goes well beyond the basics. Commencing with comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment, and addressing both task-oriented aspects of daily living as well as those that nurture independence, stimulation and socialisation.

Safety and mobility within the home is prioritised with guidance from our recommended occupational therapists and we can design and arrange installation of home adaptations for an improved life at home.

Whilst we encourage Members to visit Loveday to enjoy a social day of stimulation activities, company and fortifying lunches, we can also arrange this to be done at home. And we take special care to keep every Member connected to their social network and communities. 

When is Loveday's Live-in Care the right choice?

Choosing live-in care for loved ones becomes important in various situations including:

  • Increasing Care Needs: When Members need a little more support with daily activities, mobility and medication management.
  • Chronic Health Conditions: Conditions like dementia, Parkinson's, or diabetes benefit from consistent monitoring and specialised care day and night, knowing someone is on hand over night gives peace of mind to families.
  • Recovery from Surgery or Illness: Extra support during the recovery period, to get Members back on their feet, we can assist with rehabilitation and overall recovery, including physiotherapy at home.
  • Safety: To prevent accidents and provide immediate assistance just in case.
  • Loneliness and Social Isolation: Offering companionship to alleviate loneliness and offer social stimulation
  • Cognitive Function: Help with stimulating activities to slow cognitive decline and keep minds active
  • Family Caregiver Support: Relief for primary caregivers during the night and day to share the responsibility
  • End-of-Life Care: To give families support to enable them to pass peacefully at home
  • Medication Management: Assistance with multiple medications, reducing the risk of errors.

Considering the Mamber’s needs, preferences, and circumstances, live-in care from Loveday's provides a tailored solution with a focus on well-being and independence at home.

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