Domiciliary Care

Flexible, detailed and meticulous, domiciliary care at Loveday offers Members custom-made, consistent levels of care and lifestyle services in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

The regular, dedicated support of our specially trained carers follows tailor-made medical, practical and lifestyle recommendations based on a detailed care and lifestyle assessment.

All Members receive assistance in maintaining daily routines and social connections, in addition to bespoke activities and therapies. This incorporates full access to our Extraordinary Days activities and therapies, and visits to Day Clubs at any of our residences.

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Dedicated Specialist Support

All Members are supported by their own specialist domiciliary carer, who is closely mentored by our leadership team. Every carer has been highly trained by Loveday: their training is carefully modelled on our award-winning care at Chelsea Court Place – rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.

Families and Members are assured of:

  • Regular communication with the Loveday specialist domiciliary team
  • The support you want, when you want it
  • Care support matched to Members’ health preferences
  • Lifestyle support in tune with Members’ personal tastes and favourite activities
  • The companionship and reassurance of having a dedicated Loveday domiciliary carer

A Personal, Tailored Care Plan

Domiciliary care with Loveday guarantees each Member the support of a bespoke, holistic care plan, including precise medical, practical and lifestyle recommendations crafted to ensure that their individual needs are supported by their dedicated Loveday domiciliary carer for as little or as long as is required. This approach is driven by our deeply held belief that the lifestyle aspect of a Member’s assessment is every bit as vital as their care assessment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Domiciliary care with Loveday enables Members who may be facing challenges in their daily lives and activities to remain safely in the comfort of their own homes, thanks to the friendly, reassuring and dependable support of our highly trained Loveday domiciliary carers.

We arrange for one of our specialist domiciliary carers to come to your home at a regular time that suits you, for as long or as little as you wish every day or week, supported by our thorough assessment of your unique needs and wishes.

Our care is as wide-ranging as you require - from thorough meticulous clinical, medical and personal support to unhurried assistance with essential everyday tasks, such as cooking, relaxing and spending time on hobbies, domestic tasks and activities.

You may need to benefit from the support of Loveday’s domiciliary care services at any time or stage of life, whether you are recovering from an operation or convalescing after an illness, or if you are living with a condition that would benefit from friendly, meticulous and reliable professional care in the comfort of your own home.

Domiciliary care means that you can enjoy dependable, bespoke medical, recreational and social support at home by highly qualified carers. Loveday Members who opt for domiciliary care are supported by a specialist Loveday domiciliary carer who visits them regularly in their own homes - for as little or as long as they need. This can be for just a couple of hours a week, or can take the shape of much longer, daily visits. Everything depends on each Member’s unique needs, wishes and requirements.

Residential care is provided for Members who would benefit from round-the-clock support in a residence which has been created specifically for this purpose. It enables Loveday Members to enjoy the highest levels of comfort, nursing and care in one of our four state-of-the-art London residences. Each residence offers the very highest standards of care, supported by an extraordinary combination of design, technology and sensitively tailored features and our dedication to recreating a genuine ‘home from home’ for each Member.  

A domiciliary carer helps individuals continue to live with dignity and comfort in their own homes, for as long as is possible.

Our Loveday domiciliary carers:

  • Help Members remain as independent as possible in their own homes, thanks to beautifully tailored personal care and assistance
  • Are dedicated to enabling them to enjoy everyday activities and hobbies to the full
  • Ensure Members take their medication, receive appropriate nursing support and follow all medical or clinical requirements and routines
  • Bring warm, reliable companionship and respectful, considerate emotional support
  • Offer dedicated Loveday concierge services, providing the little things that mean so much

Our Holiday Stays are designed to suit you. As such, all details will be tailored to you when you make a reservation with our care team.

Our holiday stays range from a week or two to six months or longer, depending on your individual requirements. Typically, stays are booked for a minimum of one week.

Yes. Our Loveday at Home care team can provide carers who will travel on holiday abroad with you and your family.