Convalescent Care

After you have been in ill health or have experienced an accident, it may well be necessary for you to be supported with convalescent care. If you prefer to recover in the comfort of your own home, Loveday can provide you with dedicated, bespoke convalescent care and concierge service from one of our highly trained convalescent care team until you make your return to full independence and recovery. We take pains to understand not only your needs, but also the little things that make all the difference to your journey back to full health.

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Recovering Well 

Recovering well and in comfort is a critical element of convalescent care at Loveday. We are dedicated to ensuring Members and guests make the very best of the at times frustrating short-term process of convalescence.

If you choose to convalesce at home, we can offer you:

  • An expert team which works collaboratively with your consultants
  • Multi-disciplinary medical care in creating your convalescent care plan
  • Specialist at-home respite and rehabilitation care
  • An in-house team of physiotherapists specialising in geriatric and younger care
  • Post-orthopaedic rehabilitation, neuro-rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation and falls prevention
  • Access to other specialist providers, such as hydrotherapy services
  • The concierge service and thoughtfulness you would expect from any Loveday service

A Bespoke Convalescence 

You may have planned your convalescent care at home, for example following scheduled surgery, or it may be unplanned, such as following a fall or injury. Regardless of your circumstances, if you choose to convalesce at home, Loveday can assure you of a full palette of tailored support and care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Convalescent care provides skilled short-term medical, social, emotional and spiritual support to individuals who need time to recover at home. Individuals requiring convalescent care and rehabilitation support may have undergone scheduled surgery, unexpected surgery or injury, ill health or changes and disruption to existing care arrangements.

Loveday offers the specialist support of its highly trained care team to work with you and your medical team to design a care programme that allows you to minimise stress and recuperate well, supported by award-winning care and concierge services in the peace and comfort of our own home.

You can rely on the provision of superb short-term tailored, highly-skilled convalescent care from Loveday, regardless of whether you chose to live at home or in one of our four cutting-edge residences in London. Both options guarantee our guests the highest standards of skilled support and care, to enable you to come to full recovery and regain your independence as swiftly and comfortably as possible. Whether you chose to convalesce in one of our luxurious residences or in the familiar comfort of your own home is therefore entirely up to you and your personal tastes – regardless of your decision, we will do our utmost to help you recover well.

There are many types of convalescent care, from support with recovering from an entirely unexpected injury to carefully-planned recuperation after a long-anticipated medical operation. However, they are united in being part of your short-term journey to full recovery and independence.

Loveday’s Convalescent Care at Home offers you the full palette of care services and support, from multi-disciplinary medical care to access to specialist providers and the benefits of in-home rehabilitation tailored to your personal health situation. We are here to support you along your recovery journey - from ensuring the best professional medical and therapeutic input, to preparing delicious nutritionally-balanced meals for you under the care of our Loveday chefs, arranging a stimulating programme of accessible activities as you become more mobile, and providing sympathetic personal support every step of the way.