Dining & Nutrition

Dining & Nutrition

We understand the positive health implications of good nutrition and hydration and how they improve strength and minimise fatigue. Taste is a very powerful sense, triggering memories and stimulating happiness and comfort, so it is particularly important for those living with dementia.

Our exceptional fine dining celebrates the supreme part every meal plays in the enjoyment of life. Our carefully researched, trialled and tested proprietary menus not only build on sound nutritional foundations, but also cater to each Member’s personal tastes, simple or spectacular, at any time of day or night.

Loveday’s award-winning culinary team is supported by expert nutritionists, sommeliers and restauranteurs, who design well-balanced, highly nutritious and pleasurable menus tailored around the health and dietary requirements of each Member. These include our wholesome proprietary Wellbeing Plus menus, weaving in dietary elements known to aid memory, while balancing our Members’ healthy diets with specific dietary needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering world-class hospitality, from the dining experience through to every meal we serve. At Loveday, food always signifies a celebration; our colleagues eat with residents to uphold our social, family atmosphere and we always warmly encourage friends and family to join us.

Families and Members can also host celebrations in the splendid comfort of our private dining rooms with the expert support of our chefs.

“Every effort has been made to tailor my mother’s life to her interests and personality. The food is exceptionally good and my mother (and I!) have even learnt how to make sushi”