Beauty Therapy & Hair Dressing

Saturday in the salon – it’s the busiest room at Chelsea Court Place as our resident beautician comes for a weekly dose of pampering for our residents and members. Manicures, pedicures, haircutting, styling, facials, makeup and massage are just some of the treatments available, but like everything at Chelsea Court Place; the pampering is tailored to the individual. Booking is essential as our beautician is in high demand!

At Chelsea Court Place, our beauty therapists understand dementia and its uniqueness. Because of their understanding, they can treat our members with the therapy of their choices with dignity, patience and empathy. We have a luxurious spa room where treatments and therapies take place.

Treatments & Therapies include:

Treatments & Therapies include:

  • Hand and foot massages
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Hairdressing, colour, perm, cutting, styling
  • Makeup
  • Facials
  • Assisted luxurious bathing
  • Haircutting for men and women

Beauty therapy is available every Saturday for hair, nails, facials, and any day upon request (booked a week in advance)