Platinum Jubilee Celebrations at Loveday

Millinery Masterclass

Members at Chelsea Court Place were delighted to have Milliner Petula Duvigneau host a millinery masterclass over the Platinum Jubilee weekend to celebrate the Epsom Derby.

Petula brought her exquisite collection of couture hats and fascinators for our Members to try on. From perchers and boaters to crowns, halos, Bretons, berets, turbans and fedoras, they were impressed by the range and diversity of the colourful collection and took great pleasure in choosing favourites. Members also became models, posing in their favourite hats for a Vogue-style fashion shoot.

The Millinery Masterclass also encompassed a reminiscence workshop as we explored fashion from the races over time and our favourite memories of going to the races. Reminiscence is always a very powerful exercise, helping connect individuals to the past and evoking happiness and contentment.

Following the Millinery Masterclass, our Members were treated to a regal high tea party to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, filled with our favourite cakes, sandwiches and patisserie delights – fit for a Queen!

Published: 8th of June 2022 by Loveday & Co

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