Our Executive Chef Stars in The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes

The 4-part series follows a group of individuals all of whom are living with early onset dementia, as they work in a restaurant pop-up under the guidance of Matt who takes charge of the kitchen operation working alongside Michelin Star chef Josh Eggleton.

The series, which was filmed in Bristol over a six-week period, aims to raise awareness of dementia as well as highlight to prospective employers that an early dementia diagnosis does not mean the end of that person’s employment prospects.

Matt’s great passion in working in dementia care and has an ambition to help raise the industry standards of care home food. His culinary expertise combined with his intrinsic first-hand knowledge of working with individuals living with dementia ensures he delivers the very best food and dining experience for all, both when working at The Restaurant That Makes Mistakes and at Chelsea Court Place.

On a weekly basis, Matt and his team conduct Culinary Masterclasses with residents at Chelsea Court Place where they work together to create, bake and taste different foods. He truly believes that involving the residents in meal preparation helps improve their confidence and heightens their enjoyment of food. Matt comments, “Following recipes together and creating meals is a fantastic way to engage individuals living with dementia, helping to stimulate their appetite and giving an immense sense of purpose and achievement. Simple tasks such as beating eggs, sifting flour, mixing and stirring ingredients are ideal jobs to give as they are vital to the recipe, yet low risk. It’s important to give clear instructions in short, non-complex sentences.”

Congratulations Matt on a wonderful series! We are very proud to have such an inspiring chef working with us at Chelsea Court Place.

Published: 12th of June 2019 by Loveday & Co

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