60 Seconds with Natalie Morris, Loveday Abbey Road’s General Manager

Name: Natalie Morris

Position: General Manager, Loveday Abbey Road

How long have you worked at Loveday – 4 months


Where do you live:
I live in Clerkenwell with my partner, step son & his fiancee and a handsome ginger tom cat

Hobbies & interests:
Making the most of living in a wonderfully diverse city and travelling to learn about other cultures.

Favourite part of London
Clerkenwell, the sense of history and quietness in the centre of London is compelling.

Favourite restaurant:
Café Tiffin, a little-known Indian Restaurant

Favourite holiday destination:
Kalymnos, Greece a fabulous low-key island with coves and great climbing

Favourite movie:
There are so many, I am struggling to choose a favourite.  At the moment I love anything written by Sharon Horgan

Career highlight?
Making the move into Senior Care at the right time in my life

Favourite meal to enjoy with Members?
The classic Caesar Salad

What music gets you dancing with Members? 
If a Member wants to dance with me, I will happily dance to their beat

Favourite part of the job?
Seeing the Team love their job

Favourite activity to do with Members?
Listening to a Member’s life story is truly one of the greatest pleasures!

Favourite part of the day?
Morning, every new day offers a different opportunity

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Knowing you are making a difference and you are a valuable part of a team

If you could take Members on a journey anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
The journey would always be to the Member’s dream destination, seeing someone fulfilling their dream is an honour

What does good care mean to you? 
Kindness and supporting a Member to have the best life they can.