Meet the Loveday Team: Monika Seskeviciute

60 Seconds with Monika Seskeviciute, Loveday Head Housekeeper.

Meet Monika Seskeviciute, the Head Housekeeper at Loveday Kensington as she shares an insight into her life.


Name: Monika Seskeviciute

Position: Head Housekeeper 

How long have you worked at Loveday: 9 months


Where do you live:
I just got a new place for myself in Shepherd’s Bush, so I’m excited to move in and explore the new area.

Hobbies & interests:
When I have some free time I love spending it outside, long walks and fresh air it’s my type of relaxing. When I want to clear my mind I like to do all types of handicrafts. I like to get lost in the project and express myself self in art.

Favourite part of London:
I love London. My favourite place here is Waterloo bridge. It’s the perfect spot to remember just how glorious this city can be. Sunset from Waterloo bridge it’s just something magical.

Favourite restaurant (in London):
Gökyüzü restaurant. It provides a traditional Turkish dining experience with fresh, quality ingredients, delicately flavoured dishes, home-baked bread and most of all, it has a very warm welcome.

Favourite holiday destination:
I love the snow, maybe because it always reminds me of my childhood and Christmas. I’m from Lithuanian so I’m used to cold winters and loads of snow. And of course northern lights it just something beautiful and incredible.

Favourite movie:
I’m a fan of Harry Potter.

Career highlight?
I worked in care homes for around 9 years. I studied social work and worked as a care assistant for 5 years. I enjoy working in the care industry, as for me care homes are like a community where everyone matters no matter what position you're working in, we're all there to create something special for members to feel at home.

Favourite meal to enjoy with Members?
I can’t say no to a cake. So a nice cup of tea or coffee, cake and genuine and warm conversation can make everyone's day better.

What music gets you dancing with Members?
60s rock and roll party.

Favourite part of job?
That magic feeling to know that you were able to make someone’s day better.

Favourite activity to do with Members?

Favourite part of the day?
Early morning. I like to start work early while members are still in bed. And be the first person to greet everyone.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
I believe that we all can make a difference. Knowing that I have a choice to make someone's day easier, better or happier keeps me motivated. Happiness is worthless if we are not able to share it.

What does good care mean to you?
Being happy, content, stimulated, feeling safe and loved, being treated as the individual you are, having a say in your own care needs, and being listened to and respected

Published: 6th of September 2022 by Loveday & Co

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