Meet the Loveday Team: Izabela Klaczkiewicz

60 Seconds with Izabela Klaczkiewicz, Loveday General Manager.

Meet Izabela Klaczkiewicz, the General Manager at Loveday Chelsea Court Place as she shares an insight into her life and the things that she enjoys.


Name: Izabela Klaczkiewicz

Position: General Manager

How long have you worked at Loveday: since June 2021


Where do you live:

I live in South London on a road lined with unique tree species and magnificent Magnolia trees.

Hobbies & interests: 
I love travelling and spending time outdoors. I enjoy fishing, a hobby which men in my family are very passionate about.


Favourite part of London: 


Favourite restaurant (in London): 
The Ivy in Wimbledon Village.


Favourite holiday destination: 


Favourite film:
Top gun maverick.


Career highlight: 
My biggest career highlight was exposure to many roles within a care home which enhanced my ability to connect with a different points of view and different walks of life.


Favourite meal to enjoy with Members: 
There are many lovely meals cooked in our Care Home, but I think that desserts are appreciated by everyone.


Favourite part of the job: 
Being able to make a difference and being able to witness the power of a smile, a kind word and how our lovely carers can turn someone's mood around just by showing empathy and kindness.

Favourite activity to do with Members: 
I love talking to our members and asking their opinions about things. I received a lot of interesting advice!


Favourite part of the day: 
Lunch time is when our dining room is buzzing, and our staff and members enjoy the dining experience.


What gets you out of bed in the morning: 
A strong cup of coffee and the opportunity to do the thing that could not be done the day before.

What does good care mean to you: 
Creating an inclusive environment where every member is comfortable and able to continue their lifestyle choices and preferences.

Published: 6th of September 2022 by Loveday & Co

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