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At Loveday we are passionate about delivering unique and enriching experiences that not only resonate with our Members, but also add interest and connectedness. Our expert team take immense pride in curating experiences tailored to the interests and particular needs of each individual. 

Through years of delivering activities, one of the greatest observations made by our Activities Team of all of our Members is discovering their common, shared love of learning and reading, despite their age or diagnosis.

To enhance our formal educational offering we have added Author Workshops to weekly programme, hosted by leading historical biographer and broadcaster Nadia Cohen, Loveday’s Resident Author. Nadia  delivers weekly author workshops to our Members, where our Members enjoy debating, exploring, discussing and also being read to.

Nadia is the author of more than a dozen successful contemporary and historical biographies including The Extraordinary Life of Roald Dahl, The Real AA Milne, The Extraordinary Life of Enid Blyton and The Extraordinary Life of Beatrix Potter, as well as a host of contemporary celebrity biographies for Idris Elba, Kim & Kanye, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence. She is an experienced journalist who has worked at national newspapers and magazines in the UK and US as well as a BBC Radio 2 presenter and journalism lecturer at Southbank University. 

The Loveday Author Workshops are centred around our monthly themes such as travel, fashion, history and opera where Nadia captures some of the remarkable stories and memories of our Members through these reminiscence workshops. 

In addition to these workshops, Nadia is capturing biographies of some of our Members and their loved ones, offering services such as memory boxes, books, video and audio. 

Published: 13th of March 2023 by Loveday & Co

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