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We are thrilled to launch our latest care service Loveday at Home designed to deliver the same exceptional level of care, experiences and lifestyle services as expected within a Loveday Residence to people in their homes.

The concept has been introduced to fulfil the demand from the community, enabling people to continue living in the familiar environment of their home, whilst receiving outstanding care and enjoying all the exciting activities Loveday has to offer.

Loveday at Home can be as flexible as required from just a few hours a week, through to live in or round-the-clock care. We are passionate about helping people live life on their own terms, as independently as they wish to be. We are also dedicated to providing support to family members, some of whom may be struggling to balance the care requirements with other aspects of living.

Modelled on the award-winning CQC outstanding rated care from Chelsea Court Place, Loveday’s flagship home, Loveday at Home offers an extensive menu of advice, assessments, therapies, activities, lifestyle concierge and property services to improve and enhance the lives of more people in the community. 

Loveday at Home services include:


Loveday’s friendly, compassionate and experienced team offer advice using the latest evidence and research to help make improvements to the life of the individual. From diagnostic tests, assessments or home adaptations through to care recommendations and nutritional changes, the expert team is adept at providing personalised advice to help enhance health, wellbeing and safety in the home.


Our expert team undertake detailed care and lifestyle assessments for each Member which is benchmarked and reviewed regularly to monitor the evolving care and lifestyle requirements. All aspects of the Member’s life are reviewed and medical, practical and lifestyle recommendations are made. The assessment information can also be used to help formulate a care plan.

Therapies & treatments:

Utilising our well-established medical partnerships and expertise in complex-care, our team recommend and deliver an abundance of therapies and treatments to enhance recovery, support health and improve wellbeing. From nutrition, music and art therapy, to physiotherapy, exercise and hydrotherapy – there is a diverse range of treatment options available, which are personalised to support the individual constellation of symptoms. 

Extraordinary Days – activities and excursions:

Our progressive programme of innovative, evidence-based activities has been developed in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team of academics from the University of West London. The programme embraces the senses, arts & culture, gastronomy, exercise, mind and memory and encompasses in-house or online activities and excursions, tailored around the hobbies and interests of the Members.

Lifestyle & Concierge Services:

Loveday at Home Members have access to our Head of Guest Service who can arrange a variety of concierge services including companionship, transport, planning events, booking appointments and social scheduling. Nothing is too much trouble and our team are only too happy to access their little black book of local contacts.

Property Service:

Our expert team offer advice on home adjustments in the most unobtrusive way to optimise safety in the home. Loveday Members will have access to our team who have superior expertise in dementia and senior design, ensuring dignity and mobility are maintained to the highest level. We also have handyman and IT services, who can carry out works within the home. 

The Loveday team are delighted to be offering Loveday at Home to provide care, experiences and support for every stage of the ageing journey. 

For further information on Loveday at Home and to apply for a membership please contact: 

For enquiries, please contact:
Phone:0333 060 2799.


Published: 30th of November 2021 by Loveday & Co

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