Chelsea Court Place Hosts Music Recital for Community

Chelsea Court Place was delighted to host a wonderful music recital at the Royal Hospital where the Chelsea Pensioners Choir entertained members of the local community with beautiful songs.

 We were honoured to have Kensington & Chelsea Mayor Councillor Will Pascall in attendance alongside members of our local community, bringing everyone together in such a joyful occasion.

Music can be very powerful and beneficial to all people, helping to lift mood, trigger happy memories, reduce stress anxiety and agitation.

At Chelsea Court Place, we have seen firs hand the positive effects that music has on our residents and Day Club members through the various musical programmes offered as part of our Arts & Culture curriculum. We are honoured to share elements of this music programme with the community and proud to see the community coming together. We very much look forward to hosting more music activities and recitals in the future.

Published: 28th of November 2019 by Loveday & Co

Tagged: Activities, Loveday Chelsea Court

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