Members Roar with Joy at London Zoo

A Wild Celebration

Throughout November, we celebrated all things nature and for Loveday Members, it became a wild adventure as we enjoyed an Extraordinary Day outing to the iconic London Zoo.

Our journey began aboard a chartered coach with our very own Loveday tour guide, Members from Loveday Kensington and Abbey Road enjoyed the lively commentary.

The zoo offered everything for our wild-life-loving Members; lions roared majestically, tigers prowled gracefully and the alpacas and llamas added a touch of charm and comedy to the day. We enjoyed watching the antics of monkeys and admired the vibrant plumage of bird species. We all felt an immense connection and appreciation for the diverse beauty of the animal kingdom.

Our post-zoo adventures led us to Bocconcino Soho, an exquisite Italian restaurant where we indulged in a delicious 3-course meal. Amidst the joyous chatter and satisfied smiles and shared our joyful experiences of the day.

This Extraordinary Day at London Zoo was a celebration of our love for nature, cemented with Loveday friendship and camaraderie.


Published: 12th of December 2023 by Loveday & Co

Tagged: Extraordinary Days

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