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Innovation in care

Working with our partners, Loveday has a planned approach to using enabling technologies that enhance our member’s wellbeing. We champion research innovation through our partnership with the University of West London, spearheading new attitudes to dementia care, medication and individual analysis. We are passionate about investing in all areas of research to help find treatments and use evidence-based care and activities to improve the lives of those living with dementia.

Our unique Dementia Therapies Programmes
help manage and alleviate symptoms of dementia

Working with artists, scientists, technology, hospitality and design staff, the programmes are designed to engage and stimulate the mind and body and promote happiness and contentment.

The inventive curriculum includes:

Art & Culture

Art making, music lessons, excursions to galleries and cultural events


Personal Training, Qi Gong and dynamic dance

Culinary Masters

Baking, mixing and tasting with our master chefs

Mind & Memory

Quizzes, daily newspaper review, political debates and language classes

Sense & Sensory

Pet therapy, floral art and storytelling

Together with the University of West London’s Dementia Care Centre Innovation Lab, we have launched Loveday Arts. Our novel art programme is proven to be extremely powerful in elevating mood, engagement and fostering friendships. These weekly workshops culminate in a public exhibition which gives a considerable sense of pride and achievement for all artists. We have shared the programme methods with The Royal Hospital, Chelsea and were delighted to host a joint exhibition called The Stories of Spring at Peter Jones, Chelsea in 2019.

Collaborating with the University of Roehampton, we undertook a research project called Beyond Words to determine if music can be used as a form of communication when people living with dementia have lost their ability to speak. The results so far have demonstrated promise and are stimulating the implementation of more musical therapy programmes within our curriculum at Loveday Chelsea Court Place.

We are implementing Oxehealth, a remote care monitoring system to promote our member’s independence by using motion detection software to reduce the danger of slips, trips and falls.

We are testing the viability of voice recognition devices to see whether they can enhance our member’s lives and provide useful data and insights. We are investing in circadian lighting designed to elevate mood and help improve sleep. Our proprietary Loveday App makes it easier for loved ones to stay connected.

We operate Person Centred Software's electronic care planning to record our delivery of care. Using handheld devices, carers log the care that is being provided, building up an essential record of each member's care profile.

Our training programmes are hosted by the Altura Learning and Development platform. The interactive web-based platform is intuitive for our team members and enables our management to ensure that all mandatory and personal development training has been successfully completed.

Our partnership with the Royal Hospital, Chelsea allows us to use their world-class facilities such as their hydrotherapy suites, beautiful grounds and Great Hall, as well as to foster relationships with the Chelsea Pensioners.

Our commitment, application and delivery of care has been widely recognised through many industry awards, including Winner for Best Nursing Care and Best Food & Nutrition at the Care Home Awards, LaingBuisson Healthcare Awards 2019 FINALIST – Innovation in Care and Care Home Professional 2018 for Care Quality and Compliance, to name but a few!

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